Top tip

Remember that every job you do paints a portrait of you.


Repairing and replacing glass for customers. Delivering an excellent pre and post inspection and carrying out after care on the customer’s vehicle. Explain the job to the customer and take payment for the job.


Supporting Statement

“If your branch was full of James Hall’s, your Customer experience would be hard to beat.” Darren Harvey, Branch Manager at Ipswich <br><br>Showing long term consistency <br>Nothing is too much trouble for James and he consistently delivers a world class standard of service for all of his customers. Everything from his uniform to his van is immaculate, not just tidy, absolutely immaculate.<br><br>James recently received a Gold spot check from a Technical Trainer and this is the first the branch has ever received. James prides himself on working to Belron® standards. <br><br>James’s Branch Manager says, “Although he’s only been with us a short period of time, all of my team look up to him, respect him and ask for his help, advice and training!”<br><br>For a Technician that has only been with us 6 months his stats are unbelievable: <br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;90% NPS Score for rolling 6 month period <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1.13% Rectification <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Average of 10 personal praise comments via mirror hangers per week <br><br>Customer Praise <br>“James was very professional, helpful and did an excellent job. I would recommended him to anyone”<br><br>Customer Praise <br>“First Class job. Your technician James Hall of the Cambridge branch is a credit to you.”<br><br>Colleague Praise <br>“His attitude is spot on, he is always the first to volunteer for jobs and his attention to detail is immense. When can he transfer to my branch?” Darren Harvey, Branch Manager at Ipswich<br><br>Colleague Praise <br>&nbsp;“He is exceptionally helpful, pleasant and the only thing I have against him is that he is not a Romford Technician.”&nbsp; Danny Knight, Branch Manager at Romford <br><br>Going the extra mile<br>This particular example demonstrates James’s complete commitment to doing a great job, no matter what the circumstance. &nbsp;<br><br>James arrived at his last job of the day at 5pm when it began to rain. The customer insisted that despite the weather the job was completed that evening. Earlier in the day James had received a call to say that he would find out the following morning whether he had been affected by redundancy. This was potentially his last job with the company. In spite of this, he didn’t reschedule the job but took the vehicle back to the branch and completed the work, finishing 90 minutes after his shift was set to end and giving the customer exactly what they wanted. <br><br>“James is desperate to represent the region at the UK Best of Belron® so this may not be the only international award he gets a shot at. If he doesn’t get awarded on this occasion, remember his name, because he will be recognised in the future. If I could clone him – I would!” Shane Eglinton, Branch Manager at Cambridge &nbsp;<br><br>