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I consider my workplace as my house: I treat customers and suppliers as my guests. I put my best effort to obtain the best results.


As Quality Supervisor, Marco is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the activities of Quality department in inspecting material and ensuring that they meet Belron quality standards. His responsibility is even to promote internally a “quality culture” perceived as organisation and service quality and not only as products quality, giving also the right information to the staff about Belron quality systems. Marco coordinates 1 worker.


He loves to ride with his old Vespa, listening to rock music with his vinyl records and watching football matches.

Supporting Statement

Marco Lai, Quality Supervisor for Carglass Italy, has demonstrated the extra mile by designing and producing two tools – the Buffer and the Windscreen Stand, that are now in use across all six Belron® European Distribution Centres.

The new Windscreen Stand (or glass inspection cart) has been designed based on an existing Origlass tool, however this design is easier to use and assists those inspecting glass to identify all defects that may be present.  Its design enables the user to inspect the glass in the best way possible by utilizing the protractor. The cart is based on wheels and the design elements that have been incorporated are based on employee needs.

The benefit of using this new tool is that the operator can inspect the glass on a wider glass surface and can better identify defects prior to distributing or fitting the glass whilst working in a safer environment.  The new cart has the following features which were not present in previous designs:

  • Cart base is sturdier and prevents tilting regardless of the size of the glass
  • Stronger overall structure
  • Consists of two trays to keep tools and accessories
  • Glass support area of bigger dimensions and with rubber support for safer positioning of glass and increased safety
  • Protractor to fully re-enact the  position of the glass on a vehicle
  • A safety blocking device to maintain structure in position once defined

The second tool, the Glass Buffer, was developed based on the need of the Quality department in Origlass warehouse to enable any operator to handle glass from an open crate in an efficient and safe way, regardless of the operator’s size and the crate’s weight.

The Glass Buffer can be moved from one area to another with the crate’s feet resting on the tool itself without the need of additional tools/supports.  A removable ‘step’ is also included so that it can be positioned in different parts of the plate in order for any operator to pick up the glass in safe way without straining his/her back. The position of the step can also be changed once the operator has evaluated the height and width of the crate.

This tool has had a positive impact on Safety and Productivity, in particular:

  • reduced back strain
  • easier glass maneuvering
  • tool adjustable to crate dimensions
  • faster glass extraction and repositioning from/into crate. 

Both the Windscreen Stand and the Buffer Tool have been designed and produced with very little economic impact and are cost effective in terms of improved work standards in all business areas.

Whilst these best practice tools are utilized by Belron® Distribution Centres they could also be used by fitting centres. 

The improvement of quality control with these two tools has ensured Belron® standards related to unit control (min.500 units/month) are constantly met and exceeded.  Moreover, the use of these tools allows the company to provide more detailed and accurate feedback to suppliers on defects found out.