Top tip

Take the time to recognize a customer’s needs and take action.


The operations team at the Knoxville market service center is responsible for installing auto glass and performing windshield repairs for in-shop and mobile customers.


Leo Heroux is the Technician Manager. He loves to go fishing with his daughter and likes motorcycles. Parish Hartman likes to write music and plays the harmonica. He’s not a bad golfer either. Jeremy Tinsley is very new to our team here in Knoxville. He loves spending time with his family and likes the outdoors. Mike Wiles loves baseball. He coaches a baseball team in Nashville that his boy participates on.

Supporting Statement

The Knoxville team is being nominated under the criteria of “Going Above and Beyond.”<br><br>On June 10th, 2011, customer Gary Cindrick drove his vehicle into the Safelite AutoGlass service center in Knoxville, Tennessee hoping to get his windshield replaced. Technician Manager Leo Heroux, pulled the vehicle into the shop and asked if the technicians could squeeze Mr. Cindrick’s car into the schedule. The location was extremely busy but the technicians said they could help. <br><br>Upon inspection it was evident that the vehicle had been either in or close to a fire because in addition to the windshield being ruined, several trim pieces, both headlights, as well as the grill of the vehicle appeared melted from extreme heat. As it turned out Mr. Cindrick was transferring that same day to a new job in Georgia and the night before his house had caught fire and in his panic to get his children out of the house he could not find his keys to move his vehicle so the car sat motionless while the fire ravaged his house. The vehicle now contained everything Mr. Cindrick owned.<br><br>The Knoxville team had been servicing a large volume of customers for weeks due to a previous storm but still treated each customer with personal care. They knew that this was a special situation where they could demonstrate a core Safelite value: Caring. Technicians Mike Wiles, Cliff Jones and Kelvin Thomason appealed to the Knoxville General Manager Eric Dennis to do the job at no cost (Eric agreed) as there was no doubt Mr. Cindrick needed some good fortune.<br><br>At this point another technician Parish Hartman, on loan from the Nashville, Tennessee market approached Technician Manager Leo Heroux saying “we have to do something more” and over the course of the next 30 minutes he proceeded on his own to solicit his co-workers for donations for Mr. Cindrick as well as his daughters, who were travelling with him. Within 30 minutes the location collected nearly $500 in cash as well as food and even some sports equipment for Mr. Cindrick’s children. <br><br>Upon return of his vehicle Mr. Cindrick said thank you and crying, told the employees at the location that he was stunned by the generosity of the Knoxville employees and their thoughtfulness to start an immediate collection for his aid.<br><br>When asked about Parish Hartman, Leo Heroux, said “Parish was in Knoxville for several weeks working here after the spring hail storm. He always wanted to help out anywhere he could and what he did for Mr. Cindrick was wonderful…it made it a lot more important that just changing a windshield.”<br><br>Reflecting on the event, Knoxville GM Eric Dennis said: “Our employees, who could have just gone about their day instead took the time to recognize a need and took action.” <br><br>Safelite is lucky to have the employees in Knoxville who not only do great quality work but treat all our customers well, especially those who are most desperate need.<br><br>