Top tip

Be positive in everything you do and in every interaction with the customers. It’s amazing how far a smile can go!


Jacki is a Repair Specialist at Safelite in the Boise, Idaho market. Her main responsibility is to perform windshield repairs on a mobile and in-shop basis.


Jacki loves her husband “J-Dub” and really enjoys karaoke.

Supporting Statement

Jacki Wilburn is at Level 11 YTD in Safelite’s Excellence in Service program. In addition through July 2011, Jacki has over 175 customer surveys and zero detractors. Her survey response rate is nearly 20%, less than 1% of her repairs have reported quality issues and her Technician Power Score is 99.8%. <br><br>She has the highest productivity in the market among her fellow repair specialists and has serviced the most customers as well (completing 1500 repairs annually)– she’s the real deal! She, along with her skilled teammates have positioned Boise as the number one Customer Delight/NPS market in the US with a YTD NPS of 94.5% up from 81.3 in 2009. <br><br>One distinction that Jacki has in the entire company is that in 2011 she has received the highest number of hand written letters from customers. It is great to receive as much feedback as we do from customers via our online survey portal but for people to go the extra step to use the postal service as a way to say thank you is remarkable. <br><br>Here are some comments from customers: <br><br>Patty Hagler of Meridian, ID said “She did a wonderful job. (She) looked very professional and neat. I was very, very impressed with Jacki’s service. I have never had such great service. She kept me very informed and the windshield repair was done quickly. “ <br><br>Jason Hessing of Boise, ID said “Jacki was knowledgeable. She set my expectations appropriately and delivered on what she promised. The repair was done effectively and I can tell my vehicle was well taken care of." <br><br>Bogdan Camilovic of Nampa, ID said “Jacki was excited about her company, her product, service and work. She arrived within 1-2 hours after calling for an appointment. Jacki is a great addition/compliment to your company.” <br><br>Finally, Lisa Deluca of Nampa, ID said “Jacki came out to my residence to repair my windshield. I have had the pleasure before as this is the second time she has serviced my vehicle. She is conscientious and thorough. Safelite should be proud to have her representing your company.” <br><br>It is also important to know that a few years ago Jacki suffered a serious head injury and through rehabilitation she has become a great example of how to overcome adversity and bring a smile to everyone’s day. Speaking with her supervisor, Dave Ross, he said “Jacki is well respected and she craves information about her/our standings and performance and is constantly requesting me to pull her/our stats up. The fact is that she is a top performer and her dedication to her customers and Safelite shine through. She is currently in first place out of over 400 repair technicians nationwide for the Best of Safelite competition. We try to be careful in the market with too much recognition for one individual, however she is taking customer delight to new levels and she needs to be acknowledged for her exceptional service."