Top tip

Put yourself in the customer's shoes.


Recovering our customers after a drop in service or workmanship, to ensure they are transformed into Super Promoters.


Emma loves to Garden and enjoys spending time with her husband Kevin, her two daughters Sophie and Ellie and grandson Mylo. Emma also enjoys watching motor racing.

Supporting Statement

Emma is the complete embodiment of exceptional customer service and what Customer Service Managers world wide are relentlessly trying to emulate. <br><br>“Emma is simply the most customer focused Customer Service Specialist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” Sharon Marler, Head of Service Recovery. <br><br>Showed long term consistency <br>When every customer you deal with is disappointed and emotionally charged even the best of us can find it hard to remain continuously positive. Emma is living proof that this is possible. <br><br>“Emma greets everyone, internally and externally, with a positive smile and attitude regardless of what she is dealing with. Her ‘can do’ attitude is a credit to her and never have I seen, heard or witnessed her distressed or cross.” Customer Service Manager<br><br>Her approach to Customer Recovery is extremely balanced and she always considers the cost to our business whilst making the right decision for the customer.<br><br>Emma’s emotional flexibility allows her to deal with angry customers in a positive manner every time and she brings calm and order to frequent chaos. <br><br>Our insurance partners (Ageas) specifically requested to meet Emma as part of their visit to Head Office. Ageas said, “It is never easy to complain, we don’t like to do it, however it is always a pleasure to speak to Emma, she is helpful, knowledgeable, professional, up beat and friendly, we always respect her decision and advice.”<br><br>Customer Praise<br>“Following a poor level of service received at your branch and months of issues relating to the claim, I wish to convey a huge thank you to Emma Dyer.”<br><br><br>Customer praise <br>“I would like to have this officially placed on the record of Emma in Customer Services on how my complaint was handled, it was a complaint about Auto Windscreens, and Emma organised it and kept me fully informed as to what was happening.” <br><br>Going the extra mile<br>A customer lost faith in us after we replaced his screen with the wrong product and managed to fit the incorrect trims on a further replacement screen. Emma managed to build a relationship with the customer and when the trims couldn’t even be found by our Central Purchasing Team, Emma used her initiative and sourced the trims at a local scrapyard. She arranged for them to be salvaged, shipped and fitted for the customer who was ecstatic. There was no expectation that Emma should or would go this far to resolve the problem. <br><br>Moving a service process forward <br>Emma has revolutionised how we handle customers abroad by devising a fool proof process that ensures we know who to deal with in other Belron® Countries. Emma has built strong relationships with international colleagues allowing us to recover UK customers abroad as efficiently as we do in the UK. Her work has given clarity to her colleagues on how to deal with these types of calls and she constantly focussing on keeping all information and contact information up to date. <br><br>Emma gets the optimum result, first time, every time.<br><br>