Top tip

Show up on time with a Coke and a smile. Just kidding about the Coke!


Diane is a Repair Specialist at Belron US. Her main responsibility is to perform windshield repairs in a store and on a mobile basis.


Diane enjoys working on her new home she recently purchased and spending time with her son Joseph.

Supporting Statement

Diane is being nominated under the "long term consistency" criteria. In 2010, Belron® US moved to an entirely email based survey program to measure Customer Delight through the Net Promoter Score. Customers have to make the choice to respond to an email invitation in order to give their feedback.

Through the middle of July, Diane has had 114 surveys returned and 113 Promoters with no Detractors.

Her local General Manager, Steve Parker, had this to say about Diane: "She has earned all of her positive responses. She was a great Customer Services Representative before she became a Repair Specialist and she uses this knowledge and understanding of the issues to put her customers at ease and deliver a great customer experience every time."

Here are some customer comments to support why she creates so many Promoters for Safelite®:

Rudolfo Ibarra of Las Vegas said "Diane took the time to explain the procedure in detail.What the car washes around here offer as free is not free and as we witnessed, Diane is a professional."


Sandra Arguilla of Las Vegas said "I would highly recommend Safelite®, especially if the technicians are as professional and courteous as Diane."

Lastly, customer Jeffrey Burnham had this to say about how to turn a nuisance into a great customer experience:

"Diane did a great job on the windshield repair, you could not even see where the rock hit. My wife was concerned about the rock hitting the windshield, I told her to calm down and we would call GEICO and have Safelite® come out to fix it. My wife came home just as Diane was finishing and she was amazed. A saying I say is "Happy Wife...Happy Life" - thanks Diane!"

In closing, although Diane has only been on the job for a couple of years, Steve Parker, the Las Vegas GM, said she will continue to be successful because "she is genuine, has a great attitude and she really gives a darn."