Top tip

In spite of the difficult circumstances, carry on showing that the whole team are committed to achieving optimum and increasing customer-satisfaction,in order to reach a ‘Delight’-level.


To ensure maximum, impeccable service at all times to our customers, whether internal or external, to give them the greatest ‘delight’ possible; in this way, to guarantee a very high overall excellent and customer satisfaction score, and a maximum NPS score.


Team Liège is a real sports team. As a team, they like to organise little mini-football tournaments. They also enjoy at least twice a year a nice dinner in a restaurant or they do a barbecue with the team.

Supporting Statement

In light of the workload in 2008, the team was boosted in early 2009 by a Commercial Assistant who has settled in incredibly quickly, thanks to everyone’s commitment, and has thus been able to be trained rapidly so that she has become operational and autonomous after 2 months.

Despite the unexpected departure of a highly experienced fitter to the competition, and his replacement by a considerably less capable temporary employee, the team have shown that even though they were working in a dilapidated building, they could still make progress in terms of the quantity of jobs and in terms of satisfaction. So much so in fact, that before the start of the works, the unit had reached a score of 72% in overall excellence (they had reached the objective set).

Let’s talk about the works, although to be honest it would be more accurate to talk of a total write-off. Since August, the unit has been working in temporary premises, with one on-street reception in a container, a second at the entry of the provisional workshop in another container, a very cramped workshop, a dark, run-down and muddy entrance corridor, no waiting room, and – the icing on the cake – no water (with the big freeze this winter) and therefore of course no working toilets, not to mention the absence of parking spaces. It’s quite an achievement, in the 21st century, for staff to work under these conditions, with no chance to go to the toilet and no water (either for staff or for customers). In spite of all this, the CDC achieved an increase of 15.6% in jobs over 2009 and overall excellent customer satisfaction of 69.3% (national average 66.7%).


Things were still in the same vein going into 2010, so we really do need to salute the whole team, because this has been a real achievement and they have shown endless commitment. At the moment (YTD Week 25), the team has scored an NPS of 76.8%, the best in its region!