Top tip

1. You can always improve on something, there is no reason to accept it as it is – keep pushing. 2. Understand the big picture and how your choices affects the company as a whole. 3. Respect your internal customers; this is an easy thing to forget


Jim is on a Call Center operations team responsible for planning and forecasting call volume and related staffing, reporting statistical data throughout the company, monitoring service level achievements against expectations, analyzing and reporting statistical data and daily CSR scheduling.


Jim loves spending time with his family which includes his wife Tina, and three sons: Michael, J.J. and Zac. He is also passionate about Ohio State football, fishing and motorcycling.

Supporting Statement

Jim is being nominated under the criteria of moving a significant service process forward.

Statistics about Safelite Contact Centers:

• 1800 employees
• 18 million calls annually
• 242 clients
• 16 Workforce Management employees

At Safelite the vast majority of our customers contact us via the telephone. We cannot offer a great customer experience unless that telephone call gets answered in a timely manner, which is linked directly to customer delight and TNC. A high level of performance is achieved through the planning that takes place prior to the customer placing the call and more specifically with the forecasting and staffing processes in workforce management to ensure a trained employee is ready and waiting to assist our customers. As a Workforce Management analyst, Jim has been able to bring his innovative nature together with a quest for a better customer experience to improve the department in several areas.

To improve the accuracy of our associate gating and to ensure that each CSR is receiving only calls for clients they are trained to handle (for example if we need more CSR’s answering calls for Zurich then only those CSRs who are trained in Zurich are gated to take those calls), Jim created an auto-gating system through Excel that looks at a database of training knowledge and gates associates accordingly each morning.

Real-Time Interval Reporting:
Either weather events or advertising can create spikes in call volume outside of traditional interval reporting (generally 30 minutes). To keep himself and his peers aware of current run rates, Jim created a real time, one touch report that interacts with our phone switch and states service levels and abandoned rates to the minute for each of our clients, assisting with real time service level management.


With the above improvements, our call centers saw improvements in three key metrics between June 2010 and June 2011:

Sales Central (Freephone) Operation:

  • Service Level (calls answered within 20 seconds): 86% to 90%
  • Average Speed of Answer: 14 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Abandon Rate: 7% to 4%

TPA Operation:
  • Service Level (calls answered within 20 seconds): 90.8% to 91.3%
  • Average Speed of Answer: 14 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Abandon Rate: 2.4% to 1.8%

In addition our cost per call is down 23% to budget.

Speaking with Jim’s supervisor, Cheri Irwin, she said “Jim has an incredible ability to look at a process or a reporting method and immediately see ways to improve it be it automating a report, enhancing the user experience with more options or creating real-time tools to track our performance. His constantly moving mind has brought our department to new levels.”

As we continue to move towards our company’s goal of becoming the natural choice, Jim Dodt continues to look at ways to staff geographically, and how to understand weather impacts in specific areas of the country – all of this with an end goal of a better customer experience.