Top tip

Always arrive with a smile and leave with a smile.


Reducing the rate of warranty jobs in his branch by educating and supporting his fellow Technicians through technical development.


Supporting Statement

Matthew is not only one of the most resourceful, enthusiastic and dedicated Technicians we have, but he is also leading the way in which we handle warranty service issues

He’s always available to work early or stay late and do whatever it takes to put problems right for customers and colleagues. Our customers love him!” Shane Eggleton, Branch Manager at Cambridge
Moving a service process forward
Working with his Manager, Matthew has helped to shape and create a completely unique role that is making a huge impact on service. Matthew owns 99% of all the warranty jobs for his branch and in turn saves the branch money and converts their disappointed customers back into promoters. Mat’s having such a positive impact on performance that his Regional Manager is considering cloning his position for all branches in the region. Working with his Manager, Matthew has moved service forward in a massive way by introducing bespoke training plans for his fellow Technicians, providing detailed product intelligence to the Product Support team and by participating as a key player in project trials such as EZI wire, the lil buddy and the PDA project.

Going the extra mile
Mat is so passionate about adding value to our service delivery that he spends substantial time outside of his working hours to compile photographical evidence and complete detailed warranty reports in order to aid the product support team and his colleagues.


Mat genuinely cares about the development of his peers and coaches them in a way that inspires them to learn from their mistakes and develop their Technical skill set to avoid warranty repercussions. He is always available to help; taking lengthy calls after his hours have finished, offering immediate assistance to peers out on the road.

“When I worked with Matt there was not a single person who didn’t have the utmost respect for him, both as a Technician and a valued colleague.” Nigel Howard, Rewards and Benefits Manager

Showing long term consistency
Taking into account that a large percentage of Matthew’s customers are disappointed, angry and frustrated, his service and rectification scores are incredible. 

  • NPS - 78.75
  • Rectification - 0.70%
  • Productivity - 79.45%

Matthew has not had even one day of sickness in the last 8 years!

The strength of Matthew’s character was further recognised this year when he was selected as one of two Technicians from the entire company to feature in our new Values photography.