Top tip

Use active listening to uncover extra gestures you can do to WOW customers. Build a strong team climate and customers will feel the positive energy.


Bill ensures the delivery of a high quality level of service and optimizes both human and financial resources. He oversees the development of the business, relying on leadership, teamwork and management skills to create and maintain a strong partnership with employees


Bill is passionate about collecting and restoring Canadian military vehicles. He proudly represents Speedy Glass® at parades and car shows by displaying his two 1953 M38 Canadian Jeeps and his 1943 C15A Water Purification Unit. Time spent with family is just as important as doing a great job with Speedy®.

Supporting Statement

Canada’s nominee for the Belron® Exceptional Customer Service Award is Bill Hebb from Speedy Glass® service centre 8082 in Moncton, New-Brunswick. Here is how Bill meets all three criteria set for the award.

Long-term Consistency
Bill’s genuine approach to providing the best service puts customers worried about their damaged vehicles at ease. His ability to surpass expectations has resulted in achieving a consistent NPS score of 100% for a nine consecutive week period in 2010.

Thanks to meetings that Bill has implemented, his team fully understands the importance of providing top customer service. Consequently, his centre regularly receives customer comments such as “friendly”, “provided extra service”, “professional”, and “above and beyond”. Please see the annexed e-mails (1&2) supporting this dedication to quality service.

In 2009 and 2008, he exceeded sales and profit budgets and is successful in many other ways:

  • 2009: 91.33% NPS score with no detractors
  • 2008 & 2007: Achieved CSAT Belron World Class customer service scores
  • Increased BWC results from 3 bronze stars in 2007 to 3 silver stars in 2008 to 4 silver stars in 2009

Moving a Service Process Forward in a Significant Way
Bill takes on the challenges associated to working in a Mobile Hub, like large fleet customers calling for work to be done immediately without an appointment. His dedicated team works extra hours for those rush jobs. Bill has developed his team to visit local trade and fleet customers during less busy times. By keeping the mobile business moving forward, strong trading profits of 31.9% were achieved in 2009 and 32% in 2008.


Going the extra Mile
I commonly receive e-mails from Bill at 6:00 a.m. This early bird philosophy ensures that his centre is clean and ready to receive customers, yet he also completes late jobs as shown in the annexed customer comment(3).
His commitment to Belron goes beyond his own team and he’s always there to help another service centre by sending a technician to fill in as needed.

Going the extra mile is what makes Bill an excellent manager. Additional examples of Bill going the extra mile:
Involvement in Atlantic Nationals Car Show where he opens his service centre for car cleaning to over 1500 participants thereby promoting Speedy Glass®

  • Implementation of the Gemba process on his own
  • Support of employee aid requests from multiple centres
  • Organization of staff lunches promoting employee engagement and budget achievement
  • Personally drives many customers to interact and up sell products
  • Optimization of conversion through service reminders
  • Participation in broker calls to solidify partnerships

Bill’s commitment to customer satisfaction and leadership make him a worthy recipient of this award. Even in challenging situations like in 2009 when he welcomed and trained a new Assistant Manager and a new apprentice, Bill was able manage this period without any decline in customer service results. He is a wonderful ambassador of our company’s devotion to outstanding customer service.