Top tip

Setting the example with every shop job herself with doing all the little things and helping clean windows and vacuuming etc....


The Store Manager is responsible for the management of day-to-day retail store operations including sales, customer delight, assigned associates, controllable expenses, cash management, inventory control, loss prevention, safety, and store appearance.


Robin loves to travel and eat messy food.

Supporting Statement

The Bedford, Pennsylvania service center is being nominated under the criteria of "showing long term consistency."

Robin's team of fantastic employees includes the following:

Keith Hoover, Technician, 22 years of service
Randy Stifler, Technician, 20 years of service

Since the beginning of 2010, the Bedford service center has received over 150 customer delight surveys and every single customer survey has been a Promoter.

Here are some customer comments:

Linda Walter of Imler, Pennsylvania said "I appreciated the kind and friendly customer service. They provided great speed of services. Going above and beyond what I was expecting. Great group to deal with. I would recommend Safelite® Autoglass to everyone."

Andrew Loar of Alum Bank, Pennsylvania said "Everyone I spoke to was SO friendly and helpful. When he came to fix my windshield, he explained everything to me first. It's very rare for someone to take that much time. Keith was very friendly and helpful. I normally don't even remember a person's name, but he made a great impression!"

Customer John Lowe of Bedford, Pennsylvania gives a fantasic overview of why our Bedford service center is so special:

"This is my first experience with Safelite®. Thank you for an experience that was flawless. I called Nationwide, they immediately forwarded me to your company...within minutes I had an appointment for the time I requested.

"After Keith (your technician) installed the windshield I left your facility in Bedford to find that my speedometer wasn't working. I drove back to your facility to talk to Keith about it. He was VERY concerned and gave me his cell number in case I needed to get in touch. Turns out it was just a big deal.


"The only reason I share that story....Keith made me feel like a valuable customer...that is something that you don't get everyday. So to sum it all up; I think your people are what made my experience so good. From the guy that I talked to on the phone to schedule the appointment (Call Center perhaps that Nationwide forwarded me too), the woman that called from the Bedford office, to the're employees are top notch!"

Joe Rotolo, General Manager of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania market recently awarded the Bedford Service Center with the Pittsburgh Cup trophy for Q1 and Q2 2010, which is given to the service center with the highest NPS score.

Here are some comments he made about the Bedford team: "Bedford has been the clear cut leader in NPS with a perfect 100% NPS for the year in an area that doesn't have a lot of customers with email access etc...but this team under the leadership of our veteran store manager Robin Crissey and her two technicians Keith Hoover and Randy Stiffler have clearly demonstrated how to give great customer service. The Pittsburgh Cup will continue to makes its way around the market with the plaque to denote their performance but Robin and the team said they don't plan on having it leave Bedford anytime soon."

Congratulations Bedford!