Top tip

Be honest with the customer and keep them informed. Talk to them like you know them. Take pride in representing the company that you work for.


Grant has been a building glass glazier for six years (adult apprenticeship) and finished top of class in practical/theory. He does whatever is required of him on a particular job with the aim of exceeding the customer’s expectation. His duties encompass all Domestic/Commercial jobs, from Measure/Quote to New Glazing/Re-Glazing.


Grant is married with two young children. He has been a Volunteer Firefighter for four years and has served in the Army Territorial Forces (Royal NZ Artillery) for ten years. He loves family time and hunting, not at the same time though!

Supporting Statement

Grant joined Smith & Smith® on 19th January 2009. During his first 22 week period he received a staggering 48 feedback cards from customers, all of them naming him for delivering exceptional customer service.

In April 2009 Grant received 8 customer ovations in one week! We knew at this point that we had a very special team member amongst us, one who seemed to delight every customer he came in contact with.

To Grant, this is no big deal - it’s just part of who he is. He displays a natural and genuine empathy towards his customers - plus he has an excellent knowledge of the job and a fantastic attitude. Our customers have confidence in him, they trust him and therefore they trust Smith & Smith®.

One of Grant’s many great attributes is his modesty. He doesn’t think that what he is doing is anything worth raving about. In fact Grant says “isn’t this just what we’re supposed to do?”

The impact Grant has on his team is infectious. His colleagues see the professional way in which he manages himself with the customer and how positively they respond to him. All this gives them a role model.

Grant likes to take the time at the start of the job to introduce himself. This helps the customer feel at ease and like they’re in good hands.

Gary Lubner, Chief Executive Officer


Grant takes pride in his work. He only finishes a job when “it’s the kind of work I would be happy with in my home”.

Quotes from customers include “Grant did fabulous work on a difficult job”, “Grant was just great - he was friendly and did a great job”, “Superb service from Grant – would come to your company again”, “Grant was extremely polite and helpful”.

The list goes on. Words and phrases such as: “prompt”, “efficient”, “friendly”, “absolutely professional”, “knowledgeable” and “left the place spotless”.

Building Glass is all about a mobile service to the home or business, it often requires a Glazier to be a problem solver and they need to be able to gain the confidence of the customer. Working inside a customer’s home or business means that you are working inside someone’s “personal space” and this puts added emphasis on the need for a professional image as well as appropriate personal behaviour from the Glazier. On both counts Grant achieves 110%