Top tip

When the customer leaves from the branch we want him to feel comfortable, knowing that there are people there who care for him.


To deliver perfect customer service in the town of Larisa but also in the broader region of central Greece. This is one of the most impressive branches of Carglass Greece, operating also a mobile unit. There are two highly trained technicians, and one mobile unit mainly for outside city customers.



Supporting Statement

The team of Larisa’s branch is being nominated because they showed long-term consistency in excellent customer service.<br><br>The Larisa Branch had the highest NPS score in a twelve month period (from 07/10 to 06/11) than any other branch of Carglass Greece, and is one of the best in Belron in NPS with a score of 94%.<br><br>This high percentage is combined with the fact of not having a single detractor for the corresponding period.<br><br>Along with excellent customer service, the branch manages to accomplish the highest retention rate in Carglass Greece with 98.38% rate.<br><br>