Top tip

David: “Listen to the customer and respond actively to his wishes.” Alex: “Work as a team, pursue a joint goal.”


David's main responsibilities include the daily running of the satellite branch Turnhout; receiving customers; generating drive in conversion; the full daily administrative processing,including invoicing; actual performance of jobs, including the active selling of additional products; stock control; coaching, technical advice and guidance. Alex's main responsibilities include repairs and replacement jobs; selling of additional products and generating excellent customer delight in his contacts with customers!


David enjoys fitness and power training, to feel good about himself, and to exude and convey this feeling to the outside world - including our customers! Alex is a keen car lover and long-time Porsche-owner. For the moment he has exchanged his Porsche for a Mobile Home to enjoy life together with his family. He is a music-lover and collector of vinyl-records(1960s-1990s).

Supporting Statement

David Willekens and Alex Snoek - the Turnhout team - have shown that it is possible to generate excellent customer delight over a long period through the right commitment.

In other words, David and Alex clearly represent the view that “HOW” is very important through their joint motto: “Be delightful yourself.”

They have also shown that their irrepressible enthusiasm produces excellent results on all fronts. As a team, they have obtained excellent scores on all operational KPIs. On customer delight, for instance, in the period week 1 - 32 (2009), they scored as follows: Overall satisfaction 'excellent': 72.5% (national score: 65.5%) Kindness satisfaction 'excellent': 79.4% (national score 76.3%).

Other operational KPIs show their productivity at 107.9% (national score: 87.5%) Growth in prime jobs: 27% (national score: 13.6%) Sale of additional products: 23.6% (wipers sales).

These are the highest national scores once again! They also have the best national results on warranties, complaints and retention rate.

All in all, they’re a team that sets the example on every front, with excellent scores not only for “customer satisfaction” but also for “sales”, “processes and administration” and “same day service”.


The Turnhout team is regularly cited for “best practices” during road shows, national branch managers’ meetings and regional meetings by the Operations Manager and the Regional Manager. What’s more, Belron® CEO Gary Lubner is convinced of the exceptional results of the team – he told them so himself in a personal address.

David and Alex are also pioneers in the “Gemba Kaizen” project, where the service centre is the textbook example for best practices on this front too.

In a joint meeting with other workshop employees and Branch Managers in June 2009, David convinced his colleagues to follow the same way and use these best practices for customer delight.

This is a very enthusiastic team that knows how to generate a delightful feeling, among our external and internal customers alike. An exemplary performance in every respect.

The above statement is by Regional Manager Alain Maljaars. See attached file for some good compliments from their customers