Top tip

“Treat others how you want to be treated and how you want your family to be treated, that's how each customer should be treated."


Barry is a Repair Specialist at Belron US in the Charleston, South Carolina market. His main responsibility is to perform windshield repairs on a mobile and in-shop basis.


Barry has been married to his wife for more than 45 years and has three children and seven grandchildren whom he said are his “hobbies.”

Supporting Statement

Barry is being nominated under the criteria of showing long term consistency. Barry was a Safelite Wall of Fame winner in 2010. <br><br>Charleston’s General Manager, Harry Rowland, says: "In 15 years at Safelite, Barry has held many positions and has been willing to move where he was needed. He believes Safelite is a great company and enjoys working here. He has always shown he will do what is best for Safelite. Barry reminds us how he loves his job and tells others how fortunate they are to work here. He comes to work with a smile and it flows over into dealing with customers. When he interacts with his customers he sets the expectation with a pleasant attitude and talks with them if they choose to stay and watch. At the end he’ll smile and ask if there’s anything he can do. <br><br>"He sits with other technicians attending repair training to refresh his knowledge and see if there is anything he can add. Barry listens to new ways of doing business and always seeks to improve. He understands the importance of repair in Safelite’s strategy. He has great performance too. YTD his Technician Promoter Score is 94.1 and less than 1% of his repairs have quality issues.” <br><br>In Safelite’s Excellence in Service program it is normal to see a few technicians get 5 or 6 special compliments annually but through May, 2011, Safelite has already received 15 written compliments about Barry demonstrating exceptional behavior. Here are a few: <br><br>Customer Patrick Haro of Charleston, said: “I recently had a chip fixed in my windshield. The technician, Barry, couldn’t have been more pleasant, courteous and fun. My 18 month old daughter was upset when the doorbell rang because the dog went nuts but when she saw Barry and he talked to her, I believe she fell in love with him. She leaned his way like she wanted him to hold her and keep talking. His work on my windshield and the cleaning of my car were great but his interaction with my daughter made me want to chip my window again, just so he could come out to our house and she could see him again. Barry is an asset to your company. Safelite has always done great work for me but Barry will always keep me coming back .” <br><br>Kimberly Skaggs from Goose Creek, South Carolina said “Barry was earlier than expected, that was terrific, and he made me feel better about repair vs. replacing. Barry was respectful, kind, and professional. When you’re having any kind of repair, Barry is the kind of technician you want.” <br><br>Roxanne Sanders said “Barry is why I scored a 10 (on Safelite’s NPS survey). He was knowledgeable, very friendly, and made the repair a pleasant experience. “ Lastly, customer Nicole Brown said, “Barry was amazing! He was on time, friendly, quick, and washed all my windows and mirrors and vacuumed my floors. He was really good at building rapport. <br>