Top tip

Deliver what the customer expects, communicate, keep the customer informed, educate at every opportunity, remove the barriers and ask is there anything else you can do.


Provide leadership for the Billing Team who are responsible for assisting Operations in billing our customers right first time. The Billing team also look after ISP billing, new accounts and claims processing for Key Clients. The Billing team's KPI's are Billing errors, Incompletes, unauthorised credit and time to serve.


From a young age Dave raced Motorcross bikes, played football and cricket for local teams. His love for playing football still continues now. For the past 5 years Dave has coached Junior football for a local team, any other spare time you will find him on the golf course.

Supporting Statement

Dave is a great example of someone who is passionate about delivering an exceptional service in everything he does for both his internal and external customers. He demonstrates this passion through his drive to improve his own, and his team’s skills and knowledge, in order to have the capability to deliver a service that everyone can be proud of.

Dave should be extremely proud of his own personal development during his time at Autoglass®. He started as a Technician in 1998 moving onto Network Controller, Customer Service Advisor, Branch Manager, and then onto his current position of Billing Operations Manager.  Moving from Operations into a Head Office environment is an uncommon move, but Dave saw this as an opportunity to develop his knowledge, as well as tackling an area of the business which wasn’t receiving positive feedback from Operations at that time.  Dave has also shown that it is how you manage a team to be effective in their roles, that makes a team successful in what they achieve.

Throughout 2008/2009 the Billing Team was under consistent pressure from Operations as they were unable to meet their required service levels.  This was having a negative impact on the branches time to serve, which ultimately impacted our customers.  On average, the queue for validations sat in the region of 1000 per day.  Around this time Dave had decided he wanted to increase his awareness of other areas within Autoglass® to help on his journey of becoming a Regional Manager. Dave approached HR to see if there were any development opportunities.  The timing was fantastic as a vacancy for a Billing Operations Manager had arisen.  Dave saw this as an opportunity to increase his back office knowledge, as well as assisting his operational colleagues to improve the service they provide to their customers. 


Since joining the team Dave has made improvements in the following areas:

  • Time to serve for his internal customers, the branches
  • Developed his team to handle ISP external customers directly
  • Developed the authorisation form for ISP
  • Produced a manual to help the Branch overcome common barriers in improving their NPS scores.
  • Taken ownership of ensuring employee engagement consistently sits on the agenda of the Customer Account Management team.  An example of this was the work he put into the World Cup theme across the office which encouraged different team members to work together.
  • Changed the billing manual for Operations from a paper copy to an intranet assisted tool.  The feedback has been positive as it is now always up to date.
  • Continued to deliver the message from the Operations Conference regarding lost profit due to unauthorised credit and waived payments by developing a weekly communication to provide information.

To summarise, Dave is a great example of someone who consistently looks for areas for development, whether that be for his own personal development, or a process change which will improve customer service to both our internal, and external, customers.