Top tip

I’m very attentive to my colleagues’ attitude and especially to the attention he pays to his customer…: a tiny detail can make an enormous difference!


To coach and train Operations (Branch Managers and their teams). Goal: increase NPS and TNC. -Implementation “Smile-on-tour”: to aim at an NPS that continuously increases, during and after the 9-weeks-Smile-on-tour. -On-the-job and individual coaching. -To develop and give non-technical courses. -To take part in operational projects such as BoBelux2011.


In my spare time I love driving on my motorcycle, both on hard roads as on ground(moto-cross), I’m happy on my machine! And when I’m devouring all those kilometers, I’ll never forget my camera and my iPod with my favourite music. Ok, sometimes I stumble and fall…but that’s just a detail;-))))

Supporting Statement

There is only one thing that really counts for Patrice: extreme customer satisfaction. Delighted customers, and the rest will follow on its own.<br><br>After a very successful period as Branch Manager, Patrice assumed the duties of Field Coach a few years ago with this thought always firmly in mind. A position where he can capitalise fully on his experience, and he is currently geared chiefly to customer satisfaction(NPS) by giving training courses (communication, software, sales,etc.) and by rolling out the Smile project. <br><br>Patrice has thrown himself into the Smile project with great enthusiasm and a strong drive. At the end of last year, he embarked on a roll-out in the Herstal branch, then in Woluwé and currently in Mons, for a period of 9 weeks each time. The fantastic results registered by these branches thanks to Patrice’s inexhaustible input are shown below. The NPS results speak for themselves. <br><br>He explores, together with the teams, factors that can boost the NPS through customised training courses, coaching sessions, NPS moments, daily contacts and constant encouragement. To that end, he uses all the input from the teams themselves and ensures that the actions are also supported by the team. The team itself must ensure the viability of the project after the 9-week intensive Smile period. He also wants to go a step further in the training courses that he gives by always giving his utmost to get optimal results. <br><br>No question is too much for him, no challenge too daunting, no gap unbridgeable. The word “no” does not exist in Patrice’s vocabulary as long as customer satisfaction is not compromised. <br><br>Patrick Faini, Branch Manager Mons said: "We see the Smile project not just as a 9-week project but as a project that carries on throughout our career at Carglass. The Smile project has not just helped us to delight our customers even more by making them go ‘Wow!’, it has also raised the awareness of the whole team and get them committed, bonding the whole team together. Every member of the team has realised how important the project is, and they motivate each other by saying things like ‘you've forgotten your green cap! if someone is a bit off form. <br><br>The ‘Sales’ and ‘Communications’ training courses provided by Patrice has been really helpful to everyone. Patrice is a perfect, unique team leader, he is comfortable and he has carried out this project with phenomenal professionalism. We can't thank you enough Patrice.<br><br>Feedback received:<br><br>After the day in the caravan and the courses I realised that staff members’ reactions have been more than positive, they have a fantastic attitude and way of tackling things. For me, SMILE has also enabled me to work on myself, I have realised some ways of doing things which had become ingrained and which I was never even aware of (meaning that routine stops you opening your eyes).To me,‘Smile and Patrice' are really indispensable to our future at Carglass –what would we do without them!!!"